About Us


CSE Intl provides locally owned or subscription based technology products, infrastructure, services &TRAINING for a variety of markets and clients. The CSE Intl team has actual former employee first hand experience with select global technology companies processes.  Could this aid acquisitions and implementations? Our clients prefer global technology products that offer interoperability, scaling, flexibility, mobility & up-time for their business use cases.  Perspective:  Tier 1 & compatible solutions can offer low latency, reliable performance, robust quality, green efficiencies and ROI starting in the infrastructure arena.  Take control of YOUR infrastructure.  Lease/purchase, rent options are available. 

Are those “big & fastest growing  I T providers” in press articles & pamphlets worried about themselves or you? 

We listen to what your requests & objectives are and recommend creative solutions & services that align with your budget, expectations and long range plans. 

Our goal is to help you better serve your customers.

Founded in 2008, CSE Intl continues to achieve growth milestones while remembering to consistently provide our clients  with what they ask for in order to RETAIN & serve their clients.

Email us today.  mailto:contactus@cseintl.com