We provide TRAINING & other SERVICES, we  SELL Technology, infrastructure, office, appliance, subscription products, REMOTE work tools (Chromebooks, scanners, peripherals etc.)  --- Rent, Lease, Purchase options available -- On select products                                                      



   HUB Certified / MBE SBE Certified / SCTRCA Certified                              

WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE DO                                                       

Welcome to Creative Systems & Enterprises International, LLC, dba CSE Intl, LLC.

Utilization? Remote or on-site productivity concerns?  POS tools?  CSE Intl can help.  Multiple types of media are being scanned & transmitted during this Covid-19 period with some of the scanner offerings we provide.  Ask us.

Our valued clients are in the private & public sectors which include businesses like education, healthcare, agencies, startups, retail, consumer & other vertical market organizations seeking sustainability & growth. 

We provide on-site & REMOTEtraining & services - teaching - relationship frameworks, retention, active listening, sales techniques &/or customer service training, maximizing telephonic & web communications, remote presentations & more. We conduct motivational speaking engagements for many venues.  We conduct adult education for varied industry departments when your LMS teams are backlogged. 

We sell appliance, subscription, cloud, office & tech products from infrastructure to mobile devices via our multiple global technology sources & companies

We listen to your organizational processes, challenges & needs. CSE Intl offers assessments for programs, people, & skill sets. We understand your short ramp-up times & need for desired results. It's about relationship. CSE Intl offers teaming collaborations for your benefit. CSE Intl also provides public relations services for the audiences you need to reach. (boards, associations etc.) 

Providing creative ideas and offerings for:


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"Complementing your teams with varied vertical markets and global technology company experience to increase utilization and productivity."

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